CollegeBacker Launches “Gifts” so Anyone can Kickstart a Child’s College Fund

We believe that our vision – a college fund for every child – starts with our own communities. For months, our users have been asking for an easy way to help their friends and family members save for college. (We've wanted a way to send gifts to our nieces and nephews too, to be honest.)

Today, we are thrilled to launch CollegeBacker Gifts, which lets anyone kickstart a college fund for another family.


With Gifts, we’ve made saving for college as easy as sending money with Venmo or PayPal. Simply visit to send a redeemable CollegeBacker contribution of $25 to $500, with the convenience of credit or debit card.

Once redeemed, we help the family invest the money in a 529 College Savings Plan with a smart investment portfolio and create a long-term savings plan for their child. As the family prepares for college, they can share updates with their CollegeBackers, involving friends and family in a more collaborative approach to college savings.

Whether the gift is for a baby shower, birthday, holiday, or just because, CollegeBacker Gifts means that all of us can help work towards a college fund for every child.